Single Car Garage Restoration

Single car garage. As many single car garages that stand in the hidden hearts of Santa Barbara are often forgotten or destined to live a dark lonely life. I too had looked at my single-car garage as a dark wet dirty storage.

It took me three years of owning my home to get over the fact that my garage could be adequate with a little imagination.

I started my garage goal dreams in my head late at night. I would often stay up dreaming of the perfect space savings ideas all while having as much style as possible. I wanted to give new life and hope to us single-car garage owners.

After many hours spent searching the web, I was never satisfied with my results. I felt it was my duty now to bring light to this subject the best way I know how.

Single Car Garage Restoration Starting Point

I started with a 10×20 empty slate. Often this garage would fill with water when we had rains. With the rain came mold growth. I knew I had to address this first. I started with a light bleach cleaning of all the wood and cement. As this garage was not equipped with power or even drywall I made a call to my local electrician. We did a simple layout. Added 2 4 gang plugs at each end of the ceiling. These will be running to a light switch that will later power a set of hexagonal lights. We also added two sets of plugs on the other three walls. I mounted the plugs in the middle of the wall due to ease of access with a crowded garage.

Next, we added 5/8 fire/mildew resistant sheetrock on walls only. We left the ceiling exposed which we later sprayed with a flat black exterior Sherwin Williams paint. To me spraying the ceiling black gives you a certain style that accents the walls and lights. Not only does it look great it offers a few other key features. It makes mounting any lights, speakers, or rack so much easier. You also maintain your ceiling height otherwise you would that 8 inches that can be utilized for additional storage.

We choose a Sherwin Williams Cashmere semi-gloss paint in simply white. Going with a high-reflective white offers great light reflection and a crisp clean look. When choosing higher sheens there are a few compromises when choosing the sheen choice. The higher the sheen the harder it is to leave an even finish on the wall. With the higher sheen, you also have easy cleaning. You are able to wipe these walls down with a wet rag with no issues.

The flooring was next on my list. I wanted this floor to be a statement piece but also play a key role in water management. We started by patching all our cracks with a two-part crack epoxy followed up with a full grind using our on-floor diamond grinder. Using this method is the only surefire way to make sure you have a clean smooth surface along with enough mechanical grip for the epoxy to grab onto. After that, we added a 6-inch easy cove curb to the perimeter of the garage giving us a watertight 6-inch curb around the whole base of the garage.

Essentially turning the garage into a waterproof tub. We really went all out with our color choices. Our base coat was a two-part epoxy in a dark gray but we were not going to stop there. I had ordered 5 different shiny custom chips to give that certain shiny shimmering pop. With most chip applications only one pollyaspartic top coat is necessary but unfortunately, these chips were very light and had to be knocked down after the first coat of poly was applied .

We finished up with a final coat of Polly. Typically this would leave a perfectly smooth finish but In this case, it still has a rough texture which is perfect for me. It helps with traction and hiding scratches. We finished up the whole flooring project with a rubber door stop under the garage door. Hopefully keeping out as much dirt as possible.

The biggest downfall of a single car garage is that. It only holds one car.

This is where all my late-night brainstorming comes in. I placed an order from the ultimate garage. They had what we needed. Space-saving cabinets with amazing finishes. I went with the sparkling black finish. Being only 24” deep we would still be able to fit a sports car in the garage. With such a small workspace I was In. Need more counter space for the projects or hobbies we garage guys/gals love. I decided to go with a 2×8 folding table that mounts to the walls and drops down only taking up 4” of precious space when stored away

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