Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing services will not only provide your cabinets with a new revitalized look, but also a better one. If your kitchen cabinets aren’t looking their best, because they are getting older, you don’t need to get new cabinets. Our cabinet refinishing service will bring new life to the cabinets you already have, and make your kitchen look brand new.

Cabinet Re-Finishing Process

1. Disassemble and label all cabinet doors, drawers, hardware, and hinges.
2. Mask and cover all surfaces that are not to be painted or stained. Create a plastic bubble in the room that we are working in.
3. Mask inside of all boxes with tape and paper for cabinets with prefinished interiors.
– Degrease boxes, sand to remove sheen, vacuum, dust and apply the first coat of primer.
– Apply wood filler or Bondo to all nail holes, cracks and areas of concern, sand, vacuum and apply the second coat of primer.
– Caulk all trim and moldings.
– Degrease boxes, sand to remove sheen or strip complete depending on the situation, vacuum dust and apply the desired color
5. Apply the first coat of finish.
6. Sand and apply the second coat of finish.
7. Remove all tape, paper, plastic, trash and tools from your home.
8. We reassemble every door, drawer, hinge, and hardware back to where it came from so there are no issues when doors open and close.

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