Exterior painting

Not only does an exterior painting make your house the talk of the street but it also provides protection from the elements. In Santa Barbara county we have found that most exterior paints last around 12 years. This is very important to maintain the exterior of your home. This will help prevent wood rot, insects, and water damage. Call us today and we can give you a free evaluation of whether your home is ready for a painting

Our Exterior Painting Process

1. Pull dirt away from the base of the house
2. Power wash house
3. Scrape and sand all falling paint
4. Patch all surface stucco damage with matching texture
5. Mask all windows and hardscape
6. Drop cloth all surrounding areas
7. Apply one coat of Dunn-Edwards top quality primer to all repairs
8. Apply Bondo in small areas if necessary (wood replacement is recommended instead of Bondo and Bondo is not guaranteed to hold up as long as the paint will).
9. Caulk all gaps and cracks using a 35-year acrylic caulking
10. Apply two coats of Dunn-Edwards top quality exterior paint.

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