Ceiling refinishing

You might rarely notice a ceiling, but it has a big impact on every room. Refinishing your ceiling is a great solution for a cracked or badly stained ceiling.  Redoing a ceiling is also a great opportunity to fix some basic design flaws and one of the easiest and most effective ways to give a room a face-lift. A room with a high, formal ceilings can feel cozier when topped with a warm or dark color. Lighter ceiling shades visually enlarge a space, as do patterns or colors similar to those on walls.

Our Ceiling Refinishing Process

1. Mask and cover all flooring using Red Roslin paper and painters plastic on all carpets
2. Move all furniture to the center of the room then cover all furniture with clean plastic
3. Sand all wall and trim to ensure proper paint adhesion
4. Fill all dings and small holes
5. Caulk all gaps on trim
6. Repair all drywall cracks and follow up with a matching texture to blend away patches
7. Prime all repairs using top quality materials
8. Apply two coats of Dunn-Edwards top quality paint
9. Clean up and label paint cans for touch-ups down the road

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