What is the difference between interior and exterior paint

When creating your dream house, you must consider furnishings and facilities first. Even after, the focus is probably on getting the right style and design first. An exterior painting is perhaps one of the last things on your mind. While some people might not see it as necessary, a good paint job is the most visible change in your house. 

For outsiders, your paint job is the first thing they will see, so you can’t afford to ignore it. Your house can pop and stand out in the neighborhood with the right paint job. More importantly, it can offer severe health and home benefits if you get the right paint.

In the post below, we will list down just what are some of these benefits.

What’s the Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paint

At first glance, the difference between them is pretty noticeable and is already in the name. One of these paints focuses on inside your house while the other works outside. That is true, and that is the main difference, but there are other issues you must consider below the surface. 

Keeping in mind these differences, it can show you other distinctions, the most obvious one being the conditions they experience. By nature, exterior paint must be more durable since it is exposed to the elements, which means it must resist heat, cold, wind, and snow.

To deal with this issue, many exterior paints are more robust to stand up to the weather, making them less likely to fade and crack. Problems with the color should be easier to address, too, as all you need to do is repaint it. 

However, exterior paint uses more chemicals and adhesives to keep it from wearing down to become more durable. While not necessarily bad, you can’t usually use them inside. 

These chemicals can pose a health risk to you and your family if continuously exposed to them. The fumes from these paints are toxic to people and can lead to medical problems and even death.

On the other hand, interior paints do not have these issues because they use far fewer chemicals. They are safe for human exposure, so most quality interior paints have more restrictions.

However, these limitations affect how many chemicals they can use to preserve the paint.

Things to Know About Exterior Paint

It Can Increase the Value of Your Home

What a lot of homeowners should be asking before a significant investment is whether or not something can increase the value of their home. If you ever plan on selling your home, you should be careful of what you do to it. Works around your house can alter its value, and if you are not careful, you can sell it for less than you bought it.

Thankfully painting is one of those examples that can drive up value. By keeping your house looking beautiful and inviting from the outside, you can draw in more people to look on the inside. Things like this send a message that the place is well-managed, making people willing to pay more.

This is on top of the practical benefits of having exterior paint, such as protecting your house from damage. It can also appeal to people since they will not have to paint the house themselves.

This is a double edge sword as the paint can turn people off. If the colors aren’t appealing, you must find the right colors to invite people in. If flipping a house is your goal, contact a realtor and discuss this with him.

Painters Can Repair Damages

Aside from just making your home look a bit prettier, painters can do much more. If you get quality service like Mesa painting, they can also do some light repairs on your walls before working. The reason for that is because some issues will affect the quality of their work, so they need to remove it too. 

Examples of the common problems they encounter are mildew, rotting wood, water stains, and molds. These can become long-term problems since they wear out and damage your walls.

Fortunately, painters have the means and training to deal with these problems. They can remove things like this safely and without damaging your home. If they catch these issues early, they can fix them.

Exterior Paint Protects Your House From Elements

Aside from just looking nice, the paint protects your home from the outside. Since the paint is durable against the elements, it adds an extra layer of protection. It can improve resistance to rain, heat, and other issues. 

Along with the elements, it can also protect against other issues as well. Things like dust, insects, and rotting wood are common problems that your home can experience. But with all the chemicals in the paint, it also acts as a repellant for them. 

Wood rotting and moss form due to moisture getting into the wood. With exterior paint, the paint’s chemicals allow the water to slide off its side instead of soaking it into the wood.

There Might be Restrictions

A common mistake that people have when deciding on paint is they do not consider whether it is allowed or not. Depending on where you live, there might be restrictions, depending on state laws or even your neighborhood association.

There can be several reasons why this is the case. Some places don’t allow certain paints due to chemicals, and local ordinances might deem some paints too dangerous. They can end up being harmful to the environment or people.

Aside from the brand, the colors of the paint can also be an issue. It is more of the neighborhood association you have to worry about, and their point can depend on whether it clashes with the rest of the houses in the area. As a result, there might be some restrictions on paints, combinations, or entire colors. 

Before picking a paint, consult with the proper authorities whether or not it is allowed.

Specific Colors Require Less Work

Painting, in general, requires a lot more work than people realize. There is an idea that when it comes to painting, all you need to do is place a layer of paint, and that’s it. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated than that. 

You can’t just place paint directly on wood, you first need primer, and then you may have to put multiple layers of paint. These layers are to make sure the paint is even and spread out.

With darker paints, though, the process might be a bit simpler. Dark colors do not always require a primer, so that you can skip that step altogether. They also do not need as many coats because they are less prone to fading or suffering light damage.

However, dark paint might not be a good choice depending on where you live. For one, they tend to absorb more light in hotter places, and dark paints make it even warmer. 

Another way you can save on work is if the house already has an existing coat of paint. By using the shade already there, you don’t need to remove or paint over it. Instead, all you need to do is add a few extra shades and place some additional layers.

Exterior Painting Can Be Dangerous

With so many DIY videos on youtube about painting your own house, it can look pretty simple to do. Of course, looks can be deceiving, and most people who end up doing it can agree that it’s exhausting.

People often underestimate how large their house can be and how much work they require. Not only do you have to paint every square inch of your walls, but you also have to do it multiple times. The process requires several layers of paint, primer, and, if necessary, paint remover.

Painting isn’t something you can do in a couple of hours. If you decide to do it independently, you will be stuck with it for at least several days. This isn’t mentioning the other work you need. You’ll need to move your plants, make repairs, and protect your work from the rain.

Aside from just being physically dangerous, it can also be potentially dangerous. To paint your house, you will put yourself in difficult situations, such as climbing to high places or inhaling paint fumes.

These issues are why it is generally best to hire someone else to handle the work. Professional groups like Mesa Painting are better equipped and trained to tackle tasks like this. 

They have more experience and know the most effective ways to go about the process. Aside from that, they learn about safety and what are the best precautions to take to prevent accidents.


There are a lot of people who don’t realize or misunderstand when it comes to exterior painting. It’s more than just an add-on to your house. And it is a project that can make a big difference in your house’s quality, value, and appearance. 

Aside from that, there is also a lot of misunderstanding about the process and what it involves. If you are not careful, there is a big chance of you either getting in trouble or hurting yourself.

If there is one takeaway you should have from this article is if you are uncertain about anything about the process, don’t be afraid to ask.


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